Urban Conservation

The Crawford County Conservation District partners with local community organizations and individuals interested in making efforts toward urban conservation and food insecurity.

Upcoming Projects and Grants

Grants have been applied for with the Arkansas Economic Development Commision Division of Rural Services and the Arkansas Rural Development Commision for multiple pollinator gardens and plots in Mulberry and Van Buren. We will know the results by March of 2023. Projects would include a learning pollinator garden at the City Park in Mulberry. A large pollinator plot at Bluff Hole in Mulberry. A large pollinator plot and wildlife habitat at the archery range in Mulberry. Last but not least a pollinator garden at the Crawford County Adult Education Center in Van Buren.

COMING SOON!! NRCS is making changes to their Farm Bill Programs for the 2023 year. Some additional practices will include raised beds and low tunnels. Click here to apply now for potential financial assistance in completing your urban conservation goals!

The Arkansas Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Commision Grants to Districts

This grant established the funds needed to build an Urban Community Garden in partnership with the Crawford County Adult Education Center. The garden was built by community partners and volunteers. It will be maintained by the staff and students at the Adult Education Center. They will be adding more life skills to their curriculum. We want to thank our donors for the donations that allowed us to make this grant stretch even farther. Some cedar lumber was donated by Lumber One in Van Buren, additional cedar lumber was donated by Jane Lowry, our local NRCS Soil Conservation Technician. All of the foundational work, some hardware and the machinery were donated by Brent Robertson Construction. Brent Robertson is a Director on the Crawford County Conservation Board. Some of the tools and hardware were donated by Lowe’s and Yeagers in Van Buren. Cinder blocks and vapor barrier were donated by Yeagers in Van Buren. All of the winter crops currently planted were donated by Peace Farm Organics and Parks Brothers Farms. Dr. Debbie Faubus-Kendrick donated countless hours seeking donations. She also donated rain barrels. Thank you to all of our volunteer laborers all for making this project a success. It will provide for many years to come.

School Gardens

These raised beds were installed at the Cedarville School gardens.
Cedarville Elementary School Pirate Patch