Rental Equipment

No-Till Drill

“No-Till” also known as known as direct drilling or zero tillage, involves sowing directly into the residue of previous crops without any topsoil loosening.  Benefits in using No-Till include higher work rates, reduced overall costs in machinery and fuel, reduced compaction and better retention of soil moisture.

The Crawford County Conservation District owns a 7′ Haybuster No-Till Grain Drill that is available for rent to Crawford County residents.  Our rental rates are $8.00/acre (for the first 20 acres).  All other acres after the first 20 acres are calculated at a rate of $6.00/acre.  There will be a minimum daily charge of $100/day.  A deposit of $100 is required and will be applied to the total rental charges when the equipment is returned in good condition.

To reserve or to check the availability of our No-Till Drill for use on your property, contact the Crawford County Conservation District at (479) 474-2281.