Poultry Registration

Who Registers?

  • Persons in the state of Arkansas who own or operate poultry feeding operations where 2,500 or more poultry are housed or confined on any given day are required to register annually with their local conservation districts beginning January 1st with a deadline date of March 31st.

Why Register?

  • State law requires poultry feeding operations to register with the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) for the purpose of locating litter sources and estimating the amount of litter produced.
  • ANRC operates an annual registration program to assemble and maintain information on the number, composition, and practices of poultry feeding operations in the state. 

Where does the information go?

  • Persons will register with the conservation district office wherein majority of the facility is located.
  • Registration information collected about an individual poultry feeding operation shall not be public record. However, summary information that prevents identification of individual poultry feeding operations shall be a public record.

Where does the money go?

  • The $10.00 registration fee goes to the county conservation district and shall be used by the district to administer the Poultry Feeding Operation Registration Program.
  • All fees collected through any penalty assessed under the Poultry Feeding Operation Program shall be deposited in the state treasury and shall be used to operate the Nutrient Management Programs.

Who to talk to?

  • To register; call the county conservation district in which majority of your farm is located.
  • Questions regarding state law or other questions, call the Program Coordinator at (501) 682-3968.